Hydrogenation in Food

Hydrogenation is a chemical process widely used in the food industry. While most of us might be aware of the harmful effects of consuming partially or fully hydrogenated fats, it helps to understand how and why it came about to be used so extensively in modern day food production. What is Hydrogenation? Hydrogenation is the … Continue reading Hydrogenation in Food

Macronutrient: Fat

Fat makes up one of the three main macronutrients known to mankind. Also known as triglycerides, fat gets this name from its chemical structure: three fatty acid chains and one alcohol glycerol. Fat is an important and necessary part of our diet and helps in several structural and metabolic functions. We require it for energy … Continue reading Macronutrient: Fat

Sugar: What does it do to our food?

Sugar and processed food have been inextricably intertwined for decades now. Sugar or sucrose as some call it, has many technological properties that are beneficial for large scale food manufacturers. Before food processing turned industrial, sugar along with salt and fat were used primarily as preservatives. They were added to homemade condiments jams, ketchup, pickles, etc. … Continue reading Sugar: What does it do to our food?