Rotten – A Review

Netflix’s latest take on the food industry, “Rotten” leaves you feeling uncomfortable, slightly bored and at times very perplexed. Brought you by Zero Point Zero Productions, the same guys behind the Anthony Bourdain shows, the show lacks luster as it delivers some very powerful messages. Through its six episodes, “Rotten” touches upon topics like market … Continue reading Rotten – A Review

Climate Change: America & Agriculture

On June 1st , 2017  President Donald Trump officially withdrew his support and participation in the Paris Climate Agreement, siding with officials in the White House who had argued that the agreement was a malicious threat to both the economy and American sovereignty. This agreement has been signed by over 200 countries in December 2015, … Continue reading Climate Change: America & Agriculture

Nature v/s Technology: the changing face of food

The world as we know it is fast changing. Innovation, globalization and the rapid growth of technology is causing the world around us to shrink while doubling up our opportunities. We are moving towards a tomorrow where time is optimized and menial jobs are outsourced to machines. These advancements are causing mammoth changes in our … Continue reading Nature v/s Technology: the changing face of food