Pasteurisation v/s Nature

Raw milk essentially is milk that has come straight from the udders of the cow. It doesn't go through any form of processing, nor any chemical alternations. Touted as a superfood by some and hazardous to health by others, raw milk has become one of the most infamous dairy products of the modern era. With … Continue reading Pasteurisation v/s Nature

Lactose Free Milk: Fad or Boon?

Amongst the many food and beverage items that are currently stripping themselves of their main ingredient, think Sliced Bread (gluten free), Coke (sugar free), Peanut Butter (fat free) to name a few, Cow's Milk seems to be taking the lead.  In September 2015 Amul launched its first lactose free carton of milk in India to cater … Continue reading Lactose Free Milk: Fad or Boon?