Rice: What’s Best for You?

Most of us know rice to be bad for us due to its high carbohydrate content and therefore believe we should avoid it. As a rice lover myself, I cannot imagine completely eliminating it from my diet. While rice tends to get written off as unhealthy and calorie-ridden, not every variety is so. Further, swapping … Continue reading Rice: What’s Best for You?

Bean to Bar: Sustainable Chocolate in India

The simplest way to differentiate sustainable chocolate from regular chocolate is to understand the differences in their method of production. Many companies boast of using sustainable methods to procure, produce and package their chocolates, however only a handful actually qualify. Any product, when sustainably made, takes into consideration every aspect of the supply chain to … Continue reading Bean to Bar: Sustainable Chocolate in India

Sandwich Bread

Amongst commercially sold baked goods, packaged bread has one of the highest amounts of preservatives and additives. Being a staple, most households consume sandwich bread multiple, if not once, times a day.  Many people believe that opting for bread that is 'gluten-free', 'whole-wheat', 'zero trans fat', etc. negates the ill effects of consuming processed white … Continue reading Sandwich Bread

Sikkim: India’s Flag Bearer of Organic Farming

In 2016, Sikkim became India’s first fully organic state. The initiative, championed by Chief Minister Shri Pawan Chamling, first began in 2003 with the announcement of his intentions at the Legislative Assembly. Subsequently, The Department of Agriculture of Sikkim released a plan of action titled “Going for Organic Farming in Sikkim – A Concept Paper … Continue reading Sikkim: India’s Flag Bearer of Organic Farming