Vegan Olive Tapenade

IMG_8820Part of being a sustainable brand requires me to keep looking for better and healthier alternatives to packaged food. Although we specialise in breads and desserts, I am always looking for recipes that can help replace unhealthy sugar laden condiments. Although I am a strong advocate for using no packaged food at all I do understand and appreciate the convenience packaged food brings.

Olive tapenade is one of my favourite take aways from my time in France. It’s an excellent, delicious yet healthy spread that can be used in anything from baked eggs, to crepes (or dosas) or simply as a dip along with bread sticks at a dinner party. The original recipe calls for anchovies but I have so many vegetarian friends that I decided to tweak the recipe to make it vegan. The results were nothing short of delicious.


Olives* (200gm), Garlic Pod (2pcs), Capers (50gm), Anchovies (50gm) optional, Extra Virgin Olive Oil (100gm), Salt & Pepper to taste.

*You can use only black olives or a mix of black and green. In the picture above I’ve thrown in some Kalamata olives as well. 

Process all the ingredients together until it resembles a thick paste / chutney. If you are using a mortar and pestle, add the olive oil in several additions to make it easier. If you are not using anchovies increase the amount of salt.

Olive tapenade can be kept in the refrigerator for about two to three weeks. You can use a food processor or the traditional mortar and pestle. The advantage of using a processor is that you’re done in a few minutes, creating hardly any mess. However, the motor and pestle gives you a more textured end product and the lack of heat (that is generated by the blade in a processor) ensures there is almost no damage caused to the nutrients present in the ingredients. At the end, whichever method you pick, it’s important that you enjoy the process of cooking as much as eating, for without that even the most sumptuous dish can lack lustre.

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