Understanding Food: Must Reads for 2017

As somebody who works in food for living, my interest in the subject is insatiable. Over the last few years I've actively looked for books and essays that could help me better understand food and the evolving role it plays in nutrition, commerce, policy making and environmental change. Listed below are the top five books … Continue reading Understanding Food: Must Reads for 2017

Artificial Sweeteners: How Natural is Natural?

A common theory about is taste is that there is a strong correlation between an individual's consumption of a particular flavour and his / her preferred intensity. For this reason two individuals might have varying descriptions, in terms of flavour, of the same food product. Natural sugar alternatives have popularised in the last decade due … Continue reading Artificial Sweeteners: How Natural is Natural?

Carbohydrates: Quantity v/s Quality

Carbohydrates make up one of the three macronutrients known to mankind. They are usually categorised based on their chemical structure: simple and complex. Simple carbohydrates contain one or two sugar molecules linked together, whereas complex carbohydrates have more than two sugar molecules linked together. Simple Carbohydrates – pastries, table sugar, refined foods, sodas Complex Carbohydrates … Continue reading Carbohydrates: Quantity v/s Quality