Gluten Free Meringue Cookies

No tea party can ever be complete without a plate of delicious cookies to go with it. Of all the french cookies I have baked and eaten, I find myself constantly going back to these delicious, lighter than air, meringue cookies. They are simple to make, easy to flavour and hold well for weeks in suitable climates.

IMG_0740Given below is a simple basic recipe anybody can follow. You can always add your own flavours like lemon or lime zest, coco powder, rose essence, orange blossom, desiccated coconut, etc. to enhance the taste.

  • 4 Egg Whites (it’s always easiest to separate the yolk when the egg is fresh and cold)
  • 120 gm Caster Sugar 
  • 100 gm Icing Sugar
  • Flavours, Spices and Colours

Using a stand mixer fitted with a whisk attachment, beat the egg whites on medium-to-high speed with a little bit of the caster sugar until frothy. Once the mixture starts to whiten slowly add the rest of the sugar and turn the speed down to medium. You will notice how the egg whites expand to fill almost 3/4th of the bowl. Continue to beat until you have soft peaks.

Meringue Cookies

Sift in the icing sugar little at a time, folding it in very gently so as to not loose the air incorporated. Once you have incorporated all the icing sugar, add your desired flavour essence, colours, powders, etc to it. If you are using additions like desiccated coconut, flower petals or peppercorn its best to sprinkle them on top of the cookie once it has been piped rather than incorporating it into the batter at this stage. Another way to add flavour is to dip / enrobe them in tempered chocolate once they have been baked and cooled.


Once you’ve added your flavours and your batter it ready to go, prepare your pipping bag with the desired tip and fill the batter into with the help of a bowl scrapper. Pipe out a little meringue on the edges of the baking sheet & flip the sheet on the tray. This trick will hold the paper to the tray during baking when using a fan assisted oven. Make sure to pipe out cookies of a similar size to ensure each of them is evenly baked in the same time. Bake the cookies at 90’c for 3 hours and leave it to dry out for another hour or so before removing them from the tray. 

These cookies store well for up to 3 weeks in an airtight container.


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