Acidic & Alkaline Foods

Most of us are familiar with the effect certain foods have on our body. We know excess sugar leads to weight gain, alcohol affects our liver, excess meat consumption results in kidney and renal problems, so on and so forth. Alkaline / Acidic food based diets work on the premise that every food item has either an acidic or alkaline effect on the pH level of our blood and body.

The pH level of a substance indicates whether it is an acid, a base or neutral:

  • A pH level of 0 indicates high levels of acidity (e.g.: Battery Acid)
  • A pH level of 7 indicates a neutral level (e.g.: Tap Water)
  • A pH level of 14 indicates a very base / alkaline level (e.g: Caustic Soda)

Similarly, organs in the human body have varying pH levels. Our stomach would typically have a pH level of 3.5 which allows it break food down and our blood’s pH level would range between 7.35 or 7.45, i.e., it is slightly alkaline. Some studies indicate that acidity levels of the body directly affect our propensity to contract diseases like osteoporosis and cancer. Therefore, they recommend the intake and elimination of certain food items in order to maintain the body’s natural equilibrium.

The alkaline ash diet / alkaline acid diet has been developed by scientists who have studied how foods will react inside the body by analysing the mineral content of its ash. It focuses on how the body reacts to different foods and thus determines its alkaline or acidic forming abilities. E.g.: Lemons, though acidic in nature, having an alkalising effect on the stomach and milk which is alkaline in nature turns acidic upon digestion.

Such diets promote the inclusion of all alkaline-forming foods like vegetables and fresh fruits and propagates the complete elimination of packaged foods, meat, dairy, poultry, caffeine, refined sugar and alcohol to name a few. The basic premise, which is to include more vegetables while reducing if not completely eliminating meat and packaged food is definitely healthy and is likely to have a positive affect on your over-all well being and health. However its abilities to complete prevent or cure diseases like cancer, cholesterol,  type two diabetes, etc is debatable.

Mentioned below are some commonly found food items and their corresponding pH levels:Acid Alkaline Food Chart





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