Bean to Bar: Sustainable Chocolate in India

The simplest way to differentiate sustainable chocolate from regular chocolate is to understand the differences in their method of production. Many companies boast of using sustainable methods to procure, produce and package their chocolates, however only a handful actually qualify. Any product, when sustainably made, takes into consideration every aspect of the supply chain to give you a product that is truly good for you and your surrounding environment.

Here are some of India’s best homegrown brands delivering sustainable chocolate that is sustainable, easily accessible and incredibly delicious:


Mason & Co: Started by Husband Wife duo Fabien & Jane, Mason and Co is sustainable, vegan and organic. They source their beans from India and abroad and work directly with farmers to improve their harvesting processes in the hope of boosting cocoa production in India. Their products are available in gourmet food stores like Nature’s Basket and on Amazon. Our favourites from their range  are: 49% Peanut Butter & Chocolate and 85% intense dark chocolate.



Earth Loaf: This Mysore based artisan chocolate company takes being sustainable very seriously. They are the first company in the world to use organic certified cocoa beans produced in India exclusively. The soil and atmospheric conditions in Southern India, give these bars a unique fruity and zest flavour which is further enhanced by the use of palm sugar. The produce their bars, by hand, in low temperatures to retain as much nutrition as possible and in small batches. Their most popular bars are the Coconut, Ginger & Gondhoraj and the Himalayan Fruit & Nut. IMG_6448


Pascati-Lemon-Ginger--536x1024Pascati: Launched in November 2015, Pascati owner Devansh Ashar studied the art of chocolate making online from Ecole Chocolat. His initial experiments included a modified idli grinder and a few cocoa nibs. He set up shop in a family run factory in Daman and began sampling his product at farmer’s markets. Today Pascati is available online on Amazon and at various hotels and clubs around the country. They make for excellent gifts and keep well in our climatic conditions. Our favourite is their Dark chocolate with lemon & ginger.


La Folie: Sanjana Patel’s masterpiece La Folie recently launched a line of delectable chocolate bars that come in various flavours and enviable packaging. These bars are uniquely designed to easy break into smaller pieces (of various sizes) so the individual consuming it can do so with as little effort as possible. Although pricey, these bars win in terms of flavour and presentation but we aren’t entirely sure about their production process. Our favourite is the Smoked Pink Sea Salt. IMG_6452




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