Cottage Cheese & Whey

Whey powder is one of the most widely consumed protein supplements. It is made from animal milk and is said to be the most natural of all protein powders. Whey has been a part of the India diet for centuries, and was made quite often at homes. Some people would even add  it to their plants as a fertiliser.

Whey is made by heating soured raw milk and then curdling it with the help of vinegar and some salt. The curdled milk solids form Cottage Cheese (Paneer), while the residue water is whey.

Whey water can be used instead of water and / or milk in cake and bread recipes, as a base for soup, as stock and can even be added to gravies. Subsequently you can add it to your regular protein shakes and enjoy an additional punch of protein.

Whey Water

To make your own Whey Water you will need the following equipment:

  • A large pot
  • A digital thermometer
  • Raw Milk (You cannot use tetra-packed milk for this)
  • A cheese cloth
  • a sieve
  • a large container

The night before, leave the milk out to stale for approximately 8-12 hours, depending upon how warm your environment is. The milk should look slightly thick and have a light sour odour.


Pour the milk into the large pot and heat on low heat. Wait until the temperature registers to approximately 90’c and then add the salt and vinegar. The milk solids will begin to separate from the whey water.


Take the pot off the gas and strain through the cheese cloth. Place the cloth with the milk solids (cheese) into the sieve, over another container. Wrap the cheese in cloth and place a heavy weight on it to drain all the excess water from it. Voila, you have fresh unripened cottage cheese, a.k.a, panner and some protein rich whey water!

Whey water stores well in the refrigerator for about a week. You can add some cream to the cottage cheese for a creamier texture.

Paneer & Whey Water

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