Sunday Brunch at The Daily Bar & Kitchen, Mumbai

The Daily, one of my favourite bars in Bandra, recently launched a spanking new brunch menu. I had the opportunity to visit them a few weeks ago and here are some of the reasons why you must make your reservation as soon as possible!

How Does it Work?

They have a four course set menu (vegetarian & non vegetarian) with the option of pairing it with:

  1. Only Food at Rs.1,200/- + taxes (they charge you separately for any beverage)
  2. With Alcohol at Rs.1,700/- + taxes (they provide you with a list of cocktails & spirits to choose from)
  3. With Alcohol at Rs.2,000/- + taxes (this includes cocktails like Mimosas & Bellini)

First Course

Seafood Broth: This was by far the best seafood broth I have had in Mumbai. With a generous portion of meat (mussels, prawn, squid, bassa to name a few), the broth is light, delicious and satisfying to the soul. I was unwell but this really perked me up and woke up my taste buds. IMG_5108

Three Melon Salad: Crunchy, sweet, zesty and refreshing, this salad is the perfect dish to start with. It tickles the palate without filling you up, allowing you to enjoy the rest of the courses guilt free. It works as a great alternative to soup on a hot summer day and pairs very well with any cold beverage.

Roasted Chicken Salad: If you are not a seafood lover, the roasted chicken salad works as the perfect alternative. Light, zesty and sweet, it doesn’t leave you feeling like you’ve just eaten a salad. The honey mustard dressing is delicious with the right balance of the pungent flavour of mustard and the sweet taste of honey.

Second Course

Wild Mushroom Sandwich: As a non vegetarian I do not usually go for vegetarian sandwiches, but this turned out to be a real treat. The meatiness of the mushrooms (porcini & button) pairs beautifully with the saltiness of the fresh goat’s cheese and pine nuts. I would recommend everybody try this at least once. (P.S. they have this on their lunch specials everyday incase you cannot make it on a Sunday)

Pulled Pork & Pineapple Sandwich: Excellently cooked meat, this sandwich is great for meat lovers. The sweetness of the pineapple cuts the fattiness of the meat, leaving you feeling satiated but ready for more. The bird eye chilli glaze adds the right amount of spice without taking away from the hero, i.e., the pulled pork, of the dish.

Buffalo Mozzarella & Cottage Cheese Sandwich: I know its description might make you wonder if theres going to be a little too much of cheese, but the sandwich is surprisingly light and full of flavour. The grilled vegetables add lots of texture to what could have otherwise been a rather bland sandwich. The spicy tomato chilli sauce is the best accompaniment amongst all the others.

Smoked Chicken Sandwich: This was my least favourite of all the options, but then again I am more partial to mushrooms and a good pulled pork sandwich. For chicken lovers this is a great sandwich; spicy, tangy and cheesy with a generous portion of meat.

Pesto & Roasted Tomato Omelette: We had the opportunity to try only one omelette, luckily for us it turned out to be the most recommended. The omelette was very fluffy and perfectly cooked. The chilli garlic sausage is delicious but the house salad can be given a miss.

Third Course

Crispy Potato Rosti & Mushroom Ragout: This was deliciously creamy, with a generous portion of mushrooms. The rosti was perfect; most restaurants tend to burn or undercook the potatoes. The hint of truffle oil adds to the flavour but can be identified only by a seasoned palate.

Cleansing Ginger-Chicken Noodles Bowl: So delicious & fulfilling! This is the perfect option for those feeling under the weather (like I was) or on a diet. Make sure to slurp this up before it gets cold for the flavour is magnified when warm.

Olive Garden Primavera Flatbread: This came out after we had finished our first portion of dessert (this was an exception, every other dish came out in time) and so most of us had already switched our palates to cater to something sweet. However, we did enjoy it as it was light, crunchy and well seasoned. I cannot see it being filling enough for a main course meal, but it works well if you want to enjoy all the four courses to the maximum.

Moroccan Lamb: This was one of the few dishes that was underwhelming. The meat was on the tougher side and the accompaniments were rather bland. I would recommend giving this a miss, there are much better options to choose from.

Fourth Course

Nutella Sea Salt Pancake: This was the table favourite. The Nutella was neatly tucked into fluffy pancake and topped with delicious whipped cream. Light and full of flavour, we felt it was the perfect way to end a hearty meal. Even if you are not a fan of pancakes or Nutella, I suggest giving this a try, I guarantee it will pleasantly surprise.

Dark Chocolate Buttermilk Waffle: The waffles were crisp and delicately flavoured. The chocolate was not overpowering and went well with both maple and honey. Personally I prefer buttermilk waffles to regular ones, but the difference in taste is marginal for somebody who does not eat dessert for a living.


Flourless Dark Chocolate Mud Cake: I don’t usually like gluten-free / flourless cakes but this one was par excellence. We loved it so much we took home extras! It was rich, gooey and had just the right amount of bitterness from the chocolate. The ice cream cut the earthiness of the chocolate well, but I would have preferred something with a little more vanilla flavour.



Mojito: Their mojito was average, but better than what is served at most other bars within this price range.

Red Wine Sangria: This was delicious and fruity! They were generous with their wine without letting it overpower the entire drink. Definitely worth a try if you like to enjoy something sweet and chilled on a hot afternoon.

Whiskey Sour: The Daily is known to make one of the best Whiskey Sours in the city and they did not disappoint. My personal and the table favourite, this cocktail is a must have at any given time here.

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