Ellipsis Bakery Mumbai

The famous Colaba eatery Elipsis, patronised by celebrities like Alia Bhatt and Rhea Kapoor, launched a bakery by the same name in several locations in 2016. The products supplied by Elipsis’s own in-house bakery ranges from pita crisps to red velvet cakes and pastries. They also have some cool gift options: jars of hot chocolate, chocolate barks & marshmallows.



  • Their famous gluten free crunchy bread was definitely my favourite. Incredibly sweet, filled with nuts and seeds, and crumbly it makes for a great snack option when swathed with avocado or cream cheese.
  • Their hot chocolate with marshmallows was delicious and rich, definitely superior to the otherwise powdery sachets available in grocery stores.
  • The chocolate brownie was dense and chocolatey, akin in texture to the gluten free variety, however these aren’t labelled so.


  • Their pretzel sticks were on the oiler side and not crispy enough.
  •  Their jar of chocolate bark looked and tasted underwhelming.

All in all they had some tasty products and are open to taking large party orders. You can  book and to an extent customise your own cake on prior notice. Their dessert packages makes for a nice gifting option.

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