A Sustainable New Year

Celebrations are plentiful this time of the year. Across the globe, people are celebrating the end of another year. Holiday season is a wonderful time for producers and consumers alike. Everybody is a little more generous, a little less cautious and whole lot happier. While sustainability is something that tends to be left along with our daily chores this time of the year, it is something that should be taking centre stage once we are back to the grind.

Although most people are now well versed with the concepts of sustainability, most still choose to view it as a luxury only the rich can afford. Lack of information and an inclination to make a real difference cause most attempts made by governments, institutions and individuals to render inadequate. Throwing caution in the air, short term goals are being set to achieve food security in developing nations. A certain world leader continues to propagate the idea that climate change is a man-made hoax. However, not all hope is lost as we close in on the year in which the historic Paris Climate Agreement was signed. Countries like Canada have taken numerous steps towards carbon pricing and a more sustainable form of development.

Sustainably led lives help improve the future for generations to come. Even if you do not have a loved one that is going to out live you, do it for yourself. Ten years down the line, the world may not be a beautiful place to live in. Worrying about climate change and food security isn’t optional. No more is it a luxury to indulge in a better, more sustainable way of living. To ensure that we may have a future tomorrow, we must become aware today.

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