Cooking with Chocolate: Pascati

At the recently held Bakery Business Trade show, I had the wonderful opportunity to chance upon Pascati Chocolate. Of indian origin, Pascati is a new bean to bar brand (something we love!) that tastes incredible and works as a great alternative to the commercial brands currently flooding the markets. I was able to make some delicious treats using their coverture 54% bar and coco powder. Priced competitively, their baking chocolate delivers superior flavour and texture while being organic and home-grown. img_3402

Picking the right brand and type of chocolate can be intimidating for somebody who is new to a kitchen. Technicalities aside, most of us don’t know what the real difference is between coverture and compound and are often flummoxed when chefs recommend using only coverture. The following pointers can help you differentiate between the two, thereby making your decision making process easier.

Coverture ChocolateIt is made using a combination of coca liquor and coca butter. It cannot be melted down directly and needs to be tempered before its used to ensure it sets well. Provides an intense ‘real’ chocolate flavour, wonderful snap when cracked and added richness due to coca butter. It can be used for the following dishes:

  • Dishes where the main ingredient is chocolate, e.g. Chocolate Mousse
  • Creating tempered chocolate structures
  • Chocolate Bonbons and Truffles
  • Vegan  / gluten free chocolate dishes

Chocolate CompoundIt substitutes two main ingredients; coca liquor for coca powder and coca butter for oil. Due to this substitution, it can be melted down, dipped and set quite easily. The taste differs from coverture chocolate but is not always detectable to an unseasoned palate. It can be used for the following dishes:

  • Enrobing Candy
  • Coating fruits, cookies and biscuits
  • Practising tempering
  • Chips in muffins, cakes and breads

To summarise briefly, if you are simply practising tempering, trying out a new dish or making a batch of chocolate coated biscuits, chocolate compound will work perfectly well. Its better to use coverture chocolate once you have mastered a recipe or are making it for a special occasion as it is inevitably more expensive. If you can pick your chocolate wisely, cooking with chocolate doesn’t always have to be an expensive affair nor does taste have to take a back-seat when you’re on a budget.

*Pascati Chocolate can be purchased online on Amazon.

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