You Are What Your Food Eats

In a world where we’ve become hyper conscious about what we eat and where it comes from, very little is still known about what our food eats. In front of me I have an apple with a tag. This apple has come to my kitchen table in Mumbai all the way from New Zealand. Unfortunately, that’s all I know of Mr. Apple 3297 from NZ Queen. Such is the case for most of the foods we consume. While there is a growing interest in what the best diet should be for a human to remain healthy, very little emphasis is given to the diets of the meats, vegetables and fruits we consume.

Grass-fed beef, organic fruits, biological dairy products are examples of what you are likely to find in the gourmet / expensive section of a grocery store. These products are exclusive and almost always double the price of it’s industrially created counterpart. This is primarily due to the process in which they have been raised or grown and consecutively cultivated. What makes them so exclusive is the fact that they are raised on healthy diets and allowed to grow naturally. Their nutritive value is easily double and their flavour much more intense. For those who’ve had the luxury of having consumed these kinds of produce can tell you everything else pales in comparison.

When people talk about diets today, most focus on which will give you the quickest result and not which will have the most lasting positive effect to your health. People looking to build muscle quick are often advised to adopt to high protein, low fat diets to ensure they reach their goal. While you might become muscular quickly, such extreme diets are likely to have a much longer lasting negative impact on other aspects of our body like your kidneys, skin and blood flow. Further, indiscriminatingly eating protein without ensuring it’s healthy protein, i.e.,coming from healthy animals, puts you at a high risk of contracting diseases from the animal itself. The similar theory applies to packaged foods, vegetables and fruits. All the pesticides used to ensure the crop doesn’t spoil cannot be eliminated through simple washing, we consume them and it becomes a part of our system.

Eating a 100% biological or organic diet may not be practical or financially viable for most people, but there is still a lot we can do to ensure we eat relatively healthy. By reminding ourselves that we are what our food eats, we become more aware and conscious of what goes into our food. We realise that all those chemicals that have been used to ensure our packaged pasta sauce stays fresh for two years is now going to reside inside us, becoming a part of who we are. All the direct and indirect forms in which we consume corn becomes a part of our genetic make up and structure. We can only be as healthy as the protein, the vegetables and the fruits we eat.

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