The Modern Food Chain

Understanding the food chain has never been more complicated. Over the last two centuries we have witnessed a rapid modernisation of this chain to cater to the growing population. Developing countries like India and China are moving in this direction to achieve food security while developed countries like America are doing so to improve their output … Continue reading The Modern Food Chain

Bread in Time

Bread was first discovered, or rather created in Egypt more than 30,000 years ago. Since then it  has travelled across continents changing shape, size, texture and flavour along the way.  A staple in most cuisines, bread has had an important role to play in our history and culture. It was common across every strata of … Continue reading Bread in Time

Macronutrients v/s Whole Foods

In 1827, scientist William Prout first introduced the world to the concept of macronutrients. All food items could be grouped under one of the three macronutrients; fats, proteins and carbohydrates. The consumption of macronutrients could be directly related to one's health and well being. Ever since dieticians, public health experts, nutritionists, etc. have used this … Continue reading Macronutrients v/s Whole Foods