Cooking to Live

Food production in it’s most rudimentary or traditional sense would include what we cook at home. I come from a country and culture wherein we make more things at home than purchasing it from somewhere else. While we’ve never killed our own meat, except for crabs that still come to my home alive, we’ve done pretty much everything else. Be it the cleaning or de-boning of fish and meat or the sauce we make for pastas, the pickles for winters or the fruit and vegetable juices we drink. When convenience food was first introduced it was looked at more in the manner of aiding home cooking than completing replacing it.

Numerous studies on health and nutrition will talk about the benefits of cooking your own food. It will tell you that home cooking will save you lots of money, sometimes time, it will ensure you eat cleaner and better. What most people miss out on emphasising, something that I find to be the most beneficial aspect of home cooking, is that cooking your own food is a natural mood elevator. Now you might think this is absurd, because how could something that requires so much time, energy and most importantly skill, make you feel good? Funnily it does.

When you prepare your own food, you watch as something transforms from being raw, inedible or insipid into something delicious and fulfilling. In a sense, you experience evolution and nature in its best moments. You don’t have to be a cook, you don’t even need to know how to cook to benefit of home cooking. Even something as small as picking vegetables or selecting your own cuts of meat at the butcher shop makes you a part of the process. It brings people living under one roof or consuming food from one kitchen closer.

Unlike consumption, cooking is therapeutic. It gives us a sense on control, a sense of togetherness and a sense of joy when our work is appreciated by those who consume it. Cooking at home, when done for pleasure and leisure, brings about an aroma and flavour that is unachievable elsewhere.


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