Freshly Packaged Health

Being a part of the food industry, I’ve had the good fortune of coming across a lot of information that isn’t easily available to the general public. By virtue of being a producer of a staple product like bread, I am aware of a lot of the good and bad that goes into large scale food production. What I’ve been able to take the most out of my time spent in the industry is our gross misunderstanding of health. It’s morphed into a dangerous concoction of advertising propaganda and misinformation. In our bid to become healthier individuals a lot of logic has been lost.

We study the basics of nutrition, health and botany in primary school. We’re taught about how plants nourish, what food is good for us and how we must maintain a healthy body. The rules are pretty simple: be active, eat a balanced meal at regular intervals and maintain a disciplined sleep schedule. This is usually sufficient for any regular school or office goer. We have the main pointers to make the right decisions and more importantly we have everything in terms of resources to follow through. Unfortunately, health isn’t perceived to be this anymore.

Today being healthy means a very different thing. Firstly you need to be following a gluten-free / vegan / paleo / raw food / baby food / macrobiotic / organic / whatever the latest food fad is, diet. Second, you need to be either a marathon runner / zumba dancer / cross-fit fanatic / weight lifter / power yoga expert or on whatever is currently the coolest exercise regime as per health magazines. Finally, you need to be able to sprout knowledge about the calorific value of everything that goes into your system, while working high stress jobs and surviving on a meager five hours of sleep.

So from being something simple and uncomplicated, healthy living has now become a complex formula centred around a lot of misinformation we get from magazines and the television. Things like walking and sleeping well that were earlier considered essential for good health are now being looked at as “not good enough” for you. For centuries our ancestors have been consuming oils, fat, gluten, meat, etc. and have led perfectly healthy lives. Yet today all our diseases are being blamed on the consumption of these food items and not the actual culprit: our increasingly sedentary lifestyles.

Nature has all the remedies. History has all the answers for reversing bad health. If you want to be well informed about health, it’s very important to first look at where the information you’re reading is coming from. Health magazines, Dieticians, Packaged Health Food Companies all have one common goal: increase consumption. It benefits them if you take more of their classes, follow more diets and eat their pre packaged kale infused meals instead of you cooking your own food or doing house work as an exercise regime. These people and companies make money only when you continue to remain unhealthy. It is and always will be as simple as that.

When it comes to health, we lose the plot when we choose to outsource jobs that have a natural way of improving our physical and mental health, like for example: we drop cooking and housekeeping and take on consumption as method to relax. An increase in consumption can never equal to better health. We need to go back to the basics of nutrition and rely more on nature than media to help us understand health better. Through a little bit of research and lots of logic you can reverse your health and well being.

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