The Best of Bohemia

For the last leg of my trip we decided to visit Prague and Budapest. Unlike Croatia, these cities have grown to become quite cosmopolitan and had restaurants and cafés with all types of cuisine. It was my second time around in Prague and so I knew exactly where to head for all the delicious treats.

Savoy is located in a quieter part of Prague, away from all the hustle bustle of Old Town Square. All their desserts are made fresh, for the day and in house. At the entrance you can witness their wide array of rustic loaves, each more delicious than the other. My favourite in their bread section would have to be their brioche bread: incredibly soft and light. It was bread that just melted in my mouth. They use the same brioche bread to make their French toast, another spectacular dish on the menu. If you’re a fan of cakes their apricot, cream cheese and chia seed cake is wonderful concoction; definitely worth a try. Their stand out dessert is their salted caramel profiteroles.

Budapest was a vibrant town, with lots of little joints serving everything from coffee to 6 course meals. We stayed at the Pest side, close to the Danube River and so had the luxury of being able to walk to most of the tourist destinations. During one of our walks we stumbled upon Anjuna, a gluten free ice cream parlour. They had a huge choice of lollipops which were perfect to beat the summer heat, with a lots of interesting flavour combinations. Another patisserie worth mentioning was Chez Dodo. This artisan French patisserie had some excellent macaroons and financiers. The best would have to be their Wasabi and Yuzu Lime macaroon. For those who haven’t had the fortune of eating Pierre Herme macaroons this is a very close second.



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