Nonica Café Bar, Hvar

One of the bakeries I was most excited to visit in Eastern Europe was Nonica. Tucked away in a small by-lane of Hvar, this little café bar was nothing short of magical. We got there late one evening, after tucking down a few lobsters and some spaghetti and so were looking for something only to sweeten our mouths. We ended up ordering three cakes, two chocolate milks and bunch of cookies and biscuits to take back home. Even for someone who doesn’t like desserts, this café is bound to get the best of you.


The Nonica café is wonderful for many reasons. It’s unassuming, simple and all about the food with no fuss. Their décor and plating was extremely minimalistic, with the focus solely on the comfort and goodness of their food. In a world today where we are moving rapidly towards fusion cuisines, molecular gastronomy and the reinvention of food as we know it, Nonica is a pleasant reminder of how our ancestors understood food and why traditional cuisine will never go out of style.

Everything they have to offer has been hand crafted using recipes passed down by their grandmothers through several generations. They use only natural flavours and honey extracted from local lavender and sage fields. All the fruits used are unsprayed (no pesticides / semi organic), and naturally ripened under the hot Mediterranean sun. Their desserts reflect their passion and dedication towards preserving their age old heritage, tradition and values. The Nonica Café Bar is truly representative of the best of what Dalmatian cuisine has to offer.

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